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In our clinic there are 2 types of health practices:

Smriti meditation is done by a doctor. Helps to understand and eradicate the cause of your diseases. It is an effective way of treating many psychosomatic illnesses.
Cyclic meditation is conducted by a yoga therapist. Allows you to learn how to completely relax your body and mind, increase the level of sensitivity and remove the latent tension.

Smrti-meditation is a unique practice. Created by Professor Dilip Kumarom of the Ayurvedic College of Kotakkal (Kerala State). Allows the patient to get rid of the causes of his illnesses himself (with the direct involvement of a doctor!)

Everyone knows that our psychological state affects well-being. We have long forgotten how to listen to your body. Not surprisingly, even people who do not have bad habits and lead an active lifestyle, get very serious diseases. The reason is, as Ayurveda maintains, ignorance of one's mind (pratnyaaparadha) and unwillingness to look within.

Negative emotions that accumulate in us throughout life, inevitably affect our state of health. And the more we acquire them, the worse becomes our health (not only physical, but also psychological).

Smrti meditation with the help of our experienced Ayurvedic doctors will allow you to penetrate deep into your consciousness. To feel and eradicate the main causes of their diseases. And thus cope with asthma, arthritis, insomnia, migraine and other diseases.


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